Sunday, June 19, 2011

Player Statistics

After the Saturday session the leader board looks a bit different.  Mike von Richthofen is still on top of the pyramid as he has never been shot down.  Mark had a good day and pulled even with Mike on kills but he got a taste of a burning crate.  Chris is steadily moving up and giving a bit better than he's getting.  George's count came alive but he's getting what he's giving. I had a bad case of Kelley syndrome and didn't manage to finish anyone off so I stay put.  The big moment of the day was when Kelley got his first kill.  After dealing out loads of damage last session only to have his hard work go to others, he was a bit excited.  I swear you'd have thought he'd just invented teeth he was grinning so much.  Jil and Dave also had Kelley Syndrome.  Their play was good and they dealt out a lot of damage for their sides but  couldn't seem to be in the right place for finishing.

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