Sunday, June 19, 2011

2nd Saturday Update

All I can say is the quality of play went up dramatically.  Both sides have started to understand what the campaign consequences are going to do to them on following sessions and are acting much more responsibly.  We had another great day, I had a load of fun, and we also got a new player (Dave) in on the action.
That said, I think the Huns have dug a hole so deep they will be hard pressed to ever get back in this thing.  Now that everyone has learned the basic game, and seems to understand the campaign better, I am thinking we might restart and add the advanced rules and altitude etc...
The player stats will always carry over, so no worries there, and there are some additional campaign tweaks I think we could introduce to streamline things and fix a couple of issues.
I'll send out a discussion email to you guys and let's decide the course.

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